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About Us

We’re all about the locals.

Locally-owned and officially launched in 2009, the Resort Lifestyle Network, a Sharing Profiles company, is a network of websites geared towards people who are dedicated to living the resort lifestyle. 

The Resort Lifestyle Network consists of the following sites: Resort Locals (news and info), Resort Workers (employment), Resort Entrepreneurs (for business owners), Resort Renters (hosuing) Resort Pix (the best of), and the Resort Lifestyle Program (consulting). 

We understand the issues locals face when trying to live and work in any resort town. That’s why we created this network of easy to use and practical website as a means to help locals promote their services, learn about local events, receive local deals, find employment, gain expertise and share their information with other locals in their resort town.

We help them connect, share and learn so they no longer have to “just get by,” but instead, thrive!

We empower our website visitors by delivering fresh, quality content that includes, but is not limited to, our exclusive database of local profiles, unique news and information related to living in a resort town and exclusive ‘dealz’ that support local residents.

We promote the website throughout the valley in a multitude of ways: local print, radio and TV advertising; email marketing; social media exposure; sweepstakes and contests; flyers and banners; sponsorships and underwriting opportunities; and lots of grassroots, gorilla marketing efforts.

Everywhere we go, we talk it up!

Our highly interactive and easy to use website attracts a wide audience both near and far. We incorporate the latest tools and functionality to ensure that connections are made, needs are met and advertisers are satisfied. Our audience continues to expand by leaps and bounds as word of the website spreads and the ResortLocals community grows.

In the short time since our launch, we have been growing at a rapid pace…and we have the locals to thank for that!



We enjoy hosting one of the most diverse communities of local residents in resort towns: locals ranging from hard working locals to successful 2nd and 3rd homeowners. As a result, subscribers of our sites are some of the most dedicated and passionate people in the valley and beyond. We cater to a unique audience made up of passionate sports enthusiasts to laid-back hippie-types to the short-term, after-college resident who’s ready for an exciting life experience. We target entrepreneurs, workers, locals and tourists alike.

Our sites attract a wide demographic: man/woman, young/old, rich/poor, hard-working laborers/laid-back creative types, PhDs/trade school, individual/team-player, corporate business executives/sole practitioners. Whatever their niche, users fit in and get their needs met. No matter whom you wish to target, our network helps you get exposed to the right audience.

Without a doubt, the one unifying characteristic which users and visitors alike possess is their undying passion and love for the resort town in which they live and their unwavering desire to live there.

Statistics: YTD (since 4/15/11)

Resort Locals officially launched on April 15, 2011, and we’re growing fast, more than doubling our numbers every month so far! Data for the first three months includes:

  • Website tracking began: 4/15/11
  • Total Pageviews to date:
  • Average Pageviews per Visit:
  • Length of Visit in Minutes: 00:00:00
  • New Visits: %
  • Returning Visits: %

returning visits graph

  • Social Media/Email Local Audience (as of 10/31/10): xxxx

(Facebook, Twitter, Blog, MeetUp, LinkedIn, MailChimp)

Our Vision for Advertisers

Our vision for our advertisers includes ensuring your ads are appropriately placed and affordably priced for your success. To create those desired results, we offer a variety of placement and pricing options outlined below.

Our goal is to offer a wide variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities that will meet the diverse needs of the local business community, generating added exposure while exceeding your expectations.

Some of these opportunities include:

  1. Targeted ads placed throughout the Resort Locals website.
  2. Special mentions in email marketing, blogs and other social media exposure.
  3. Sponsorship opportunities.
  4. Recognition on our Preferred Partners and Sponsors Page.
  5. Business Profiles.
  6. Value-added opportunities on other local partner websites, at significantly reduced rates, in consideration of your Resort Locals relationship.

Finally, we offer a limited number of exclusive, premium advertising opportunities which are limited to one business, per industry, per annual commitment.

Please contact us for more information at 888-799-4473.

Ad Placement

As an advertiser on our website, you have a variety of placement and pricing options available. Our ads are limited to no more than five partners per ad rotation.

Ad Sizes

  • Banner: 728 x 90 pixels
  • Small Banner: 468 x 60 pixels
  • Link Unit: 468 x 15 pixels
  • Small Rectangle: 160 x 90 pixels
  • Large Rectangle: 336 x 280 pixels


Ad Examples



Advertising is available to purchase on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis and is limited to five (5) rotation partners per spot.

Ad Size Timeframe Pricing Ad Rotation Per Partner
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Banner (728 x 90) Quarterly $600 $600 $600 $600 20%
Semi-Annual $1,080 $1,080
Annual $2,040
Small Banner (468 x 60) Quarterly $450 $450 $450 $450 20%
Semi-Annual $810 $810
Annual $1,530
Large Rectangle (336 x 280) Quarterly $450 $450 $450 $450 20%
Semi-Annual $810 $810
Annual $1,530
Small Rectangle (160 x 90) Quarterly $300 $300 $300 $300 20%
Semi-Annual $540 $540
Annual $1,020


Special Mentions

Participate in our “special mentions” program to generate additional exposure. Do you need to target the locals in resort towns everywhere? Or, are you only interested in reaching local workers in specific areas (i.e. targeting a specific subgroup)? We offer a customized marketing solution comprised of special mentions in targeted emails and blog posts as well as social media exposure that will get you noticed.

Pricing for special mentions is customized for each advertiser, and it is based on the total number of mentions requested (limited opportunities), various placement options, desired timing, and overall “special mention” campaign objectives. Please contact us for more details.



We have a variety of widgets, website pages, email campaigns and social media sites available for sponsorship on a quarterly basis. They are: The Honeycomb, Biz Buzz, The Resource Center, Facebook, MeetUp, Blog and Email Campaigns. Pricing is as follows.

The Honeycomb (available to subscribers only): $250/quarter

Biz Buzz (open to public) $500/quarter

The Resource Center (available to subscribers only): $150/quarter – coming soon!

Facebook (open to public): $175/quarter

MeetUp (open to public): $125/quarter. MeetUp sponsorship includes recognition/links at MeetUp events, membership announcements & on the HireMeAspen MeetUp home page. We guarantee at least one MeetUp event each quarter.

Blog (open to public): $250/quarter. Blog sponsorship includes recognition/links in both articles & on the HireMeAspen Blog home page. The majority of blog posts are distributed through multiple channels such as, social media sites, NetworkedBlogs, Yahoo Associated Content, etc.).

Email Campaigns Email sponsorship includes mentions in our email campaigns which are distributed monthly to our growing list of locals. Additionally, sponsors are highlighted in the members-only emails and updates which are distributed at least three times per quarter. You will also be recognized in Resort Locals slideshows embedded within Profile Spotlight emails.

All sponsors are recognized as such on our Sponsors Page.



If you are an advertiser and/or if you are a Gold Partner with a Business Profile, you will be recognized as one of our Preferred Partners for no additional charge on the Partners Page.

Per the above section, all sponsors are recognized as such on our Sponsors Page.


Business Profiles

Gold Partners receive a Business Profile when they subscribe as a Gold Partner. The fee is a one-time annual payment of $480 or the recurring monthly amount of $50.

There are many other benefits for gold partners in addition to the exposure received via a Business Profile; one additional benefit worth noting is the ability for your business to be profiled on, exposing your company to a much wider audience. Please visit our Partner Program for more information.


Contact Us

To advertise, please contact Connie Hammond:

Thank you for considering advertising on