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Last updated: December 23, 2013

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The Resort Lifestyle Network is a network of websites geared towards resort-town locals.  Our goal is to inform, support, entertain and create a community of fun-loving and passionate locals or local wannabes.

Connie Hammond, founder, is an advocate of resort town locals, workers, entrepreneurs and tourists.  Learn more about her journey and her credentials here. Read more about our history and our vision on the Sharing Profiles Website here.

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August 15, 2011: The Resort Lifestyle Program is Launched!

August 1, 2011: ResortEntrepreneurs.com Goes Live!

May 1, 2011: ResortWorkers.com Goes Live!

April 15, 2011: ResortLocals.com Goes Live!

January 12,2011: ‘Resort Workers Daily’ Goes Live!

December 27, 2010: HireMeAspen.com launches Business Profiles (view example).

December 21, 2010: HireMeAspen.com partners with Aspen.Com  as their exclusive Roaring Fork Valley jobs content provider.

December 10, 2010: ResortPix.com launches as a simplified “Best of” site for resort towns.  Aspen is the first live resort town vertical on the site, and it will serve to complement the HireMeAspen partnership program.

November 20, 2010: HireMeAspen.com releases the Online Media Kit for advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

September 15, 2010: HireMeAspen.com releases the Biz Buzz section of The Hive where local job postings are displayed.

September 1, 2010: HireMeAspen.com releases The Hive section of the website where fresh content is generated to support and promote HireMeAspen’s hard working locals and partners.

July 20, 2010: HireMeAspen.com officially launches in the Roaring Fork Valley.

May 15, 2010: Sharing Profiles, LLC launches its first site in beta mode: HireMeAspen.com.